Pompeii Research Seminar Series: Prof. Peter Kruschwitz

Prof. Peter Kruschwitz (Reading) gave the inaugural lecture in the research seminar series Pompeii: The Present and Future of Vesuvian Research with a paper entitled ‘Aufidius was here. (Really? And where exactly?)’

Prof. Kruschwitz is an expert on Latin linguistics, Roman drama, Roman song and metre, and Roman epigraphy. He has worked extensively with the graffiti from the Vesuvian sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum, publishing articles on ‘Attitudes towards wall inscriptions in the Roman Empire’ ZPE (2010), ‘Patterns of text layout in Pompeian verse inscriptions’ Studia Philologica Valentina (2008) and ‘Menedemerumenus: Tracing the Routes of Pompeian Graffiti Writers’ Tyche (2012). A full list of his publications can be found here. He also regularly blogs about Latin in more modern contexts as part of his ‘Reading Latin’ project.

Recorded on the 12th of February 2014 at the University of Leeds.


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